“Double DooDoo! One of my diamonds fell in the macaroni!”

denverblogger_0001Happy Friday, all! I know what you are thinking- “Merida, you have gone so and completely utterly weird and obscure on the title this time”. But, HAHA! No, no, no my friends.  Thanks to my adorable and perfect brand new Warby Parker glasses that have just the right amount of cat eye, I am reminded of the awesome, fun, girly, and sassy fashion of Grease and the late 50′s.

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Sous Le Lit

souslelitdenver_0001The second we walked in to Sous Le Lit, we were greeted with the most welcome presence. Greg and Lisa made sure we felt immediately like we were supposed to be there. While we were interviewing them, a lovely young lady came in and while still keeping us in mind, they chatted and talked about life and roommates and this and that. They didn’t try to sell her anything, they knew her roommate was off on a trip and that to bring her by when she returned. It is so refreshing to know that Denver fashion and small retail are this way.

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For the love of heels!

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I kind of missed wearing giant heels. I woke up and just decided that giant platform heels and I needed to happen. My ankle wasn’t as happy when I rolled over and almost fell on my face. Thank god for an intern that jumped to catch me, Brandi, you are a saint!
I could go on about heels, but instead I am gonna talk going out. I had a lovely Saturday night at The meadow lark the other night. And while it took me 7 times to find the right outfit, I remembered how good it felt to remember who we are and maintain our identity. Clothes are your expression, your individual art. Just be you. And the outfit will speak for you and it’s self.

Thread And Friends

Well, the Ducks lost. This doesn’t mean I am any less proud of them and what they accomplished. Though I am heartbroken by the result of the game, I did get to spend all day- morning, afternoon, and evening – with people I love and adore. Breakfast with Denver Style Magazine, an interview with Sous Le Lit, lunch with Patterns and Pops and a ridiculous quick photo shoot with Heather Okimoto. Sometimes,the only thing you really need is a good time with friends and good food. And maybe a super fun, awesome piece of clothing.
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