Bella A Boutique

Bella A Boutique is the place to be! Sue is one of the most amazing, sweet, kind and fun ladies we at Studio9720 have ever met! She and her wonderful staff are welcoming, bright and ready to help you, no matter what you are there for. The store is arranged in a way that makes shopping easier on you and the trends in the inventory are absolutely spot on. But really, if you only go there for one reason, go there to hang out with the absolutely amazing and warm ladies who work there; they will make you feel right at home. Thanks Sue and Caitlin for the coffee, great conversation and perfect interview.
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Hey Peeps!


So there is really one of picture because it is kinda of cool to see how I work. There is so, and i mean SO, very much going on right now. We are working so, so very hard to have things we have worked our boototies off come true. Kelsey and I have tried big projects in the past, and we aren’t afraid to admit we failed. The idea of failing still scares us, but with the amazing support we have and the love we are receiving, I and Kelsey are beginning to feel slightly less scared.

That being said go to our indiegogo page! Help us out!

Kimothy’s Closet

kimothyjoydenverblog_0001Two closets raids in two weeks, I have missed this!

We first heard of Kimothy a little while ago after getting a suggestion to raid her closet, but it took us a while for the actual closet raid. We finally met for the first time at an event for Denver Swap Shop. Honestly, when we first met her, she seemed a little quiet and reserved. But when we showed up to her house, we were pleasantly surprised by the sweet, super bubbly, giggly person who answered the door and one of the sweetest people we have ever met! Seriously. Kimothy is one of the most amazing personalities we have EVER MET. Her house is filled with wonderment and closet full of the absolute best choices for a closet raid. She gave us wine and an absolute fun time! I seriously can’t say anymore about how wonderful Kimothy is, weird 70′s German baby books and all. She seriously is so stinking, freaking amazingly adorable. Just thank you Kimothy, thanks for everything!
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