Now, warning, while studio 9720 is not a political blog, I would hate myself if I didnt say something. 

Today is a day we will tell our children about. Just as I asked my parents where they were and what they were doing during the moon landing and when President Kennedy died, I know my future child will ask me where I was and what I was doing the day the supreme court made marriage legal for all! Black, White, Gay, Straight, Martian! Marriage is your civil right!

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My heart is so full! For my friends, my family, and all those I love, gay or staight.
I also want to say to all those who may have been, … dissapointed by this historic descion, that is your basic civil right, your relgious freedom and my religious freedom are protected as well. Let us take today as a day to remember love. YAY LOVE!

This all clearly has nothing to do with my outfit and it isn’t very “pride like” I was just so happy I had to say something!

Skirt: Hand me down from Utah bestie 

Shirt: Hand me down from my “uncle” Mad dog!

Sandals: Forever 21

Glasses: Warby Parker

Urban Safari

Walking through Denver Kelsey and I are constantly on the look out for awesome places to do photos. after I already chose this outfit we were driving along and we goind a wall of hippos! Hippos! And I was wearing a flamingo shirt! it was fate!
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I am currently on vacation in utah and hanging out on the patio of this amazing bar in the mouth of a canyon near Salt Lake City. Though colorado is first formost the love of my life, Utah will always be my 2nd home and a piece of my heart will always be here.

It’s Good To Be Back

Oh my goodness! it has been months my friends since i have done an outfit post and I deeply apologize! WE have been busy with individual projects outside of 9720 and kind of with life in general. So again i apologize for the lack of updates but I really hope every one is doing well!
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Since Kelsey and started 9720 we both try really hard to shop at local places only. But when the Pacsun two doors down from your restaurant is closing and having an 80% off sale, it’s okay to go and just check it out. And leave with with 5 things that cost less then the original price of one of the items you picked out.
I really do try hard not to shop at places like that, especially since my first experience in retail was at pacsun and it was interesting to say the least. I work in a mall so sometimes the temptation is to great to pass up. But I always try to pair my pieces with local pieces, for instance the bracelet in this photo was won at the Culture Hause Denver Art Museum Cartier Event and was make locally, and of course I can’t go any where on Monday with out my Sparkle and Stone Studio 9720 necklace. Well now I just feel like I am ranting.  I kind of forgot how hard it can be to try and write these posts, but i am glad to be getting back into the studio 9720 flow.

Dress: Gap

Boots:Jc Penny



Necklace:Sparkle and Stone

Glasses:Warby Parker



Fab’rik Denver

Here at Studio9720, we are always on the quest for great boutiques to add to our roster and to bring to all our readers. One day, our friends at Denver Style Magazine were hanging out at the Alamo Draft house down in Littleton. While there, they walked across the parking lot and stopped in to this lovely boutique Fab’rik. When Kelsey told me about the store, I just knew I had to make it part of the family.
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