State of Style

“Ahhhh! I have absolutely nothing to wear!” You exclaim as you look into a full closet and rush to get ready for that date, or wedding, or gala, or office Christmas party. S.O.S! I need a dress! ( Merida thought of that on her own and she is very proud of it.) State of style can solve all those problems! It is a local rental boutique! Kelsey and Merida if studio 9720 have spent the last two years meeting and developing friendships with amazing and wonderful local designers whose talent is not always being reached to the people if Denver. They want to offer not only the opportunity for designers to shine but also for the people of Colorado to be connected to them. They absolutely love everything this state has to offer and they wouldn’t ever want to be anywhere else. Thanks Kelsey and Merida for doing what you do.

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Bella A Boutique

Bella A Boutique is the place to be! Sue is one of the most amazing, sweet, kind and fun ladies we at Studio9720 have ever met! She and her wonderful staff are welcoming, bright and ready to help you, no matter what you are there for. The store is arranged in a way that makes shopping easier on you and the trends in the inventory are absolutely spot on. But really, if you only go there for one reason, go there to hang out with the absolutely amazing and warm ladies who work there; they will make you feel right at home. Thanks Sue and Caitlin for the coffee, great conversation and perfect interview.
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