Sully & Co

Named after the cutest and most dapper little puppy we have had the pleasure of meeting on an interview. A cozy and well stocked space, Sully and Co is the place to go for men’s fashion and puppy cuddles. Stocked with products made in the USA this store really know what a well made and quality piece can be. Stop by, sit in their lovely living room-esq atmosphere and sit and have a chat. Thanks for the cuddles and the chat on fashion!

What designers do you carry? All made in the USA, Raleigh Boldwing, Shockoe, Grown and Sewn, and many many more.
What makes your boutique unique? We carry all American made products. And I think what I am trying to do is provide clothing a guy can go to work in but feel comfortable at a cocktail hour as well. Give the urban preppy feel.
Describe the atmosphere of your store. I tried to create an enviornment that is relaxed and inviting because it is already intimidating for men to shop. We wanted them to feel comfortable so we created a living room like setting
Who is your ideal client?Two people some one looking to be helped and wants to be styled. And then someone who is knowledgeable to dressing and men’s wear. And also anyone who wants to dress up a bit more
What’s the story behind the store and how did you get started? I worked for Ralph Lauren and Lacosta, My girlfriend wanted to move and I wanted to own my own business. I love fashion and so we figured out our concept and found this place.
Why fashion? I grew up my dad being fashionable, and my grandmother worked in department stores and my mom was into fashion as well. So when I got the job at Ralph Lauren it sealed the deal.
Is running a small business challenging rewarding or both? It’s both. The cool thing is that every decision you make is an important one. You also get to use all the parts of your brain. Even with a finance background I get to break stereotypes and be creative, and it’s fun.
Where do you see you business in 5 years? My fatal flaw is that I can’t see into the future. I have grand ambitions for the business but I would rather just do it then talk about it.
Is Denver an up and coming place for fashion? I do. I feel like it is. Denver has always had it’s own style. And now people are coming here and bringing their style, and the people who are used to something different are going to demand a sense of culture and lifestyle. But yes it is.
Personal style inspiration: My dad was my first influence on me, but my favorite movie is Casa Blanca, and it influences me.
Favorite era of fashion? Late 30′s, Early 40′s the glamor years of Hollywood.
Favorite season for fashion: Fall
Color or Neutrals: color

Hey Peeps!


So there is really one of picture because it is kinda of cool to see how I work. There is so, and i mean SO, very much going on right now. We are working so, so very hard to have things we have worked our boototies off come true. Kelsey and I have tried big projects in the past, and we aren’t afraid to admit we failed. The idea of failing still scares us, but with the amazing support we have and the love we are receiving, I and Kelsey are beginning to feel slightly less scared.

That being said go to our indiegogo page! Help us out!

Kimothy’s Closet

kimothyjoydenverblog_0001Two closets raids in two weeks, I have missed this!

We first heard of Kimothy a little while ago after getting a suggestion to raid her closet, but it took us a while for the actual closet raid. We finally met for the first time at an event for Denver Swap Shop. Honestly, when we first met her, she seemed a little quiet and reserved. But when we showed up to her house, we were pleasantly surprised by the sweet, super bubbly, giggly person who answered the door and one of the sweetest people we have ever met! Seriously. Kimothy is one of the most amazing personalities we have EVER MET. Her house is filled with wonderment and closet full of the absolute best choices for a closet raid. She gave us wine and an absolute fun time! I seriously can’t say anymore about how wonderful Kimothy is, weird 70′s German baby books and all. She seriously is so stinking, freaking amazingly adorable. Just thank you Kimothy, thanks for everything!
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blushdenverlarimersquare_0001Blush brings the perfect sense of New York and L.A. style to Denver. A small, sweet and intimate boutique in Larimer square owned by a wonderful mother daughter team, Blush is the place to be to shop for chic and comfortable fashions that fit every Colorado girl. From accessories to shirts with deers, Blush has everything you need to look your best. Thanks for the interview ladies!

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Moda Man

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When you see a man walking down the streets of Denver it isn’t usually surprising if they are wearing casual wear consisting of cargo pants and a north face jacket. But this is not the case if that man dresses at Moda man. Racks and racks of brightly colored and boldly printed shirts, well fitted pants, and so much more! The Moda man is a man who wants to look good, and funky. He cares about how he looks when he steps out that door. Moda has a welcoming, fun atmosphere that is perfect for men with similar personalities.  While there be sure and check out their custom shirts and suites and if you don’t have time to stop by you can even pick out some custom items from their website. Thanks moda man for the visit!


What designers do you carry? They are all listed on the website. But we just go this lone of Canada Goose Down jackets.

What makes your boutique unique? we are big when it comes to comfort. We also offer several different custom lines. Colorado is full of fit people who wants something that fits right, so that is why we offer custom.

Describe the atmosphere of your store. It is more casual, and it is good to see that the younger man is taking more pride in what they are wearing

Who is your ideal client? I have a lot of tourist shoppers who like to come in when they are traveling and they are looking for a good item for dinner or just for fun.

What is the story behind you store and how did you get started? We started a store in cherry creek north and then we moved to this location in 2011. I worked in meswear all through college, I worked for Hugo Boss and Nordstrom for awhile and then started with moda man. But this so far has been our most successful location.

Is running a small business challenging rewarding or both? Both, I love doing what i do. I learned a lot from bug business, especially about customer service and how to treat someone super well.

Is Denver an up and coming place for fashion? I think so, so far our business is showing steady growth.