Fab’rik Denver

Here at Studio9720, we are always on the quest for great boutiques to add to our roster and to bring to all our readers. One day, our friends at Denver Style Magazine were hanging out at the Alamo Draft house down in Littleton. While there, they walked across the parking lot and stopped in to this lovely boutique Fab’rik. When Kelsey told me about the store, I just knew I had to make it part of the family.
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Hope Tank

Over a year ago, the first time we interviewed Heather, she mentioned to us that she was working with a wonderful place by the name of hope tank. We had been curious for a while what went down there, we had passed it on more then one occasion and we had a general idea what Erika had started but we really wanted to find out for sure. One of the biggest reasons that we really wanted to get into contact was because we had heard about this organization called Art Of War, they give veterans a chance to paint and use art to help deal with their PTSD, a beautiful idea that is making a difference in the lives of people who truly deserve it.
Throughout the entire interview Merida felt moments of being overwhelmed, in the best way possible. There is really something in Hope Tank for every one and any one. The amount of people you can reach is amazing, Hope Tank also believes that one person can make a difference in the lives of others and the non-profits that are featured in the store. This, and many other is why she is selective with not only the products that come in, but also the non-profits that they are connected too. Erika has made such an amazing place in Denver and it should be a staple for every one who lives in this city and anyone who visits! Thank you sooo much Erika, we really should have done this sooner and we will be coming by again and again and a bergillion times more! You and what you do is such an amazing thing and you are just as amazing!
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What Designers do we carry? Well it isn’t so much “designers” as it is 90 local artists who can choose the charity that they are supporting. There are also causes in the store where the product you buy has a direct line to that cause and I have about 50 of those.

What makes your boutique unique? The very thing is that connection to a charity is what makes us unique. We Have local productions but it isn’t all we carry, not at all. WE try really hard to have products that are made responsibly. A lot of people also think that we carry only Colorado made or themed products but that isn’t what I am trying to do here, there are some other great places that already do that. The thing is it is not just a store but a platform, for change and for better things in the lives of others.

Describe the atmosphere of your store: It is supposed to be fun, from a shopping stand point. It’s open with the idea for equal access for all. There are things that are priced so people can come in, anyone really, all ages and budgets, and they too can make an impact.

Who is your ideal client? I really want it to be everyone. We have tourists, we have locals, we have kids, we have everyone. The other thing is that we are careful with the charities that come in here because you have to keep in mind that I myself am not a non-profit, but a social enterprise.

What is the story behind the store and how did you get started? I have a background in social work and I felt like there were a lot of non-profits out there that did not have a lot of accessibility. I really wanted a place and a way to highlight small non-profits so people could here about them. The thing is with small non- profits one person can truly make an impact and we really want people to be involved.

Is running a small business challenging, rewarding, or both? Both, you’re in the wrong business if it is just challenging. It is incredibly rewarding but can be incredibly hard.

Where do you see your business in 5 years? I have to open a 2nd location in the next year. Fro sure we will have more then one location. I also want to be able to employ more people who normally wouldn’t be employable and who may need it more then others. I also want my non-profit consulting work to be stronger so I can make an impact.


A little more Inspyreation.


Almost a year ago i picked up an absolutely amazing black dress from Inspyre, well I still have that dress and now I can add this one to my closet as well. Kelsey had a chance to get to their sale a couple weekends ago and she was grabbing things and texting me while I was busy at work. Needless to say, I wasnt the best server around…
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Well sometimes that just happens, you gotta sacrifice, good customer service for a great dress. No, that isn’t how it is. Dont actully do that. Speaking of the restuarant, I am fast apoarching my 3 year anniversary there and I also just “celebrated” my 3 year anniversary of moving back to Colorado. It has been a wild 3 years but I cannot belive the luck, blessings, and lessons that have happened in the last 3 years. I have a pretty sweet roommate/business partner, I have met some amazing people who inspire me everyday, and to top it off it is always great to remember that this state is the coolest ever! I am so
glad to be back and I know I am here to stay.

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